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Let me explain how donut karma works.  Four years ago I worked for a company that had Good Friday as a paid holiday.  Since I was raised Eastern Orthodox, it is pretty rare that my Easter lines up with Western Easter and therefore this was just a completely free day and three day weekend  for me without any obligations or responsibilities of any kind.  Even though I tried to sleep in that day, I was awake early and decided to go for a hike.  When my hike was over, I was getting hungry and headed to Mojo Monkey Donuts, one of my favorite donut spots in town for a tasty treat.  While standing in line picking out my flavor, I thought about my cousin who was home recovering from surgery.  I decided I would drop in on her and bring her a donut.  I started thinking that her daughter was likely to be there so I had better get an extra.  Then I realized that one of my best friend’s was working close by.  Before I knew it, I had a box of donuts in my hand and I was headed out the door.  First I stopped by my friend’s work in downtown St. Paul and had her meet my car on the street where I offered her my box of sugary goodness.  She was so excited as she chose her donut that she couldn’t stop smiling and when she went back up to her office her whole day took a more positive turn and her coworkers were even jealous.  Next up was my cousin’s where we split several donuts and had a fun leisurely coffee with her mother-in-law and daughter who were over.  From there, I headed out and started dropping in on friends and brining them baked joy.  Every one of them was so surprised and this simple gesture made their day.  I suddenly was aware of the karma of donuts.


Some of my Mojo Monkey Donuts from the first year.


It’s pretty simple really.  Donuts are a fun treat and they make you feel good.  When you feel good, you are nicer to others and more productive.  Therefore, eating donuts can have a positive effect on the world.  Not only does eating a donut have all these wonderful effects, but delivering a donut is pretty amazing too.  You see many people you care about smiling and laughing and licking chocolate off their fingers.  You and your baked goods surprise are a sweet spot in their day.  I decided to make it a yearly tradition.  The following year I was so excited to do it again.  I had a list of people I wanted to visit and was all prepared to spread some donut karma when suddenly my boss showed up in my cube and told me that I needed to come in the next day.  My delivery dreams had just been dashed.  Not to be let down, I stopped that morning and picked up donuts for everyone in my office who’s day off had gotten screwed just like mine.  I pulled everyone into a conference room and we ate donuts together.  It didn’t make p for the fact that our three day weekend had been cancelled while all of our managers were off, but it did help make our day a little better.  The next year I had moved and started a new job.  The people I was working with had no knowledge of my donut karma theory until I showed up that morning with a box from Bogarts because I was craving one of their amazing burnt butter glazed. 


This year I was working my part-time gig that morning, but free the rest of the day so I decided I could do both.  I stopped at Mel-O-Glaze bakery and loaded up for my day.  The staff was super and got me everything I needed for my multi stop day.  My first delivery was to my friend who works downtown.  It was only 7:15 in the morning and I knew she wouldn’t be there yet, but I managed to leave her donut in a bag with her name on it at the information desk in her building’s lobby so it was waiting for her when she came in that morning. 



Next up was my work.  I came in with a box of donuts- offered two of them to our security guys and took the remaining four up to the office that housed my bosses, our scheduler and my cousin.  None of them were in yet, but I left them a box outside the office door so they could get a sweet surprise to start their work day.  I took the other box down to our lounge area loaded with several dozen donut holes which Mel-O-Glaze calls “Legal Crack” for my co-workers that day.  I wasn’t sure how many people were working this shift so going with donut holes was the best way to go, and Mel-O’s crack are the bomb so they won for donut vendor this year.  Since I had an earlier start time then most of them did that day I just left them on the table, grabed a couple for myself and headed upstairs to work.  They obviously went over well, because they were all gone at the end of our shift.

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I quickly changed clothes and hurried back to my car in order to get moving on my deliveries.  I spent the afternoon, dropping in on friends and a few family members at their homes, their places of business or even having them meet me on busy street corners so I could surprise them with donuts.  A few times I didn’t get to see them and had to leave a donut for them, but most of my deliveries I got to spend a few minutes visisting and seeing so many of my favorite people.  Most of them had never received a donut delivery before and there was a lot of confusion on why I was texting them to ask if they were at work and saying meet me in front of your building in five minutes, or perplexed looks when I ring the doorbell at their house.  The confusion quickly gave way to smiles and drooling.  Everyone’s day took a positive turn, their spirits were lifted and this made for a better day.


This my friends is how donuts can change the world and make it a better place.  It is the Tao of baked goods, the Zen of pastry, the Karma of donuts.  This is how serendipity happens.   

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6 thoughts on “Donut Karma

  1. Great post, I love how something as simple as bringing someone a donut can brighten someone’s day, especially when it is a surprise. šŸ™‚

  2. I love this idea! I usually put loving notes on strangers cars, but now that I live in a small town I can’t do that anonymously as well. Maybe I will shift to donut karma. It will be extra incentive for my grandson to join me.

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