Go & Do: Nov 1- Nov 6, 2017

Go & Do is the list of weekly recommended events.

James Sewell Ballet with Ahn Trio- O’Shaughnesy- Nov 3-5th
The Ahn trio featuring sisters on piano, violin and cello are pairing up with the innovative folks at James Swewll for an exciting ballet event. Cost: $20-$32
DO: Dance

Chocoholic Frolic-Harriet Island, Nov 5 9am-2m
Adults and kids, 5K, 10K and sweet treats along the way. If you love chocolate this is a great run for you. The course is open to everyone so feel free to run, walk or roll yourself through. Finish line comes with melted chocolate and things to dip. Same day registration is possible. Registration and more info found here:  Cost: $10-$50
DO: Active, Family

Pancakes & Booze Art Show- The Cabooze- Nov 3, 8pm
Pancakes, Booze and Art-this really is the coolest art concept in town. This 18+ event features works from 70+ artists including live art, and extras like live body painting, DJ’s, and more. Pancake bar is covered in admission, booze is extra Cost: $10
DO: Art, Pancakes, Adult,

Finding Neverland- Orpheum- Through Nov 5
This new film- based musical takes you through the creation of JM Barrie as he is inspired by the events around him and writes the story of Peter Pan. It is heart-warming and interesting for both kids and adults. Cost: $40-$140
DO: Theater, Family

Café Accordion Orchestra -Vieux Carre- Nov 3, 9pm
French and gypsy -inspired accordion music will keep you entertained all night at Vieux Carre so head over for dinner or a drink and listen to the Café Accordion Orchestra. Cost: Nothing listed for cover so believed to be free
DO: Music

Wine-A-Lot- Spam Museum (Austin)- Nov 2 5-7pm
This is a fun take on a typical wine tasting- at the SPAM museum! There will be SPAMatizers and wines to pair with them while you listen to music and enjoy the fun silliness of the SPAM ambiance. Never been to the museum before? Check this out and head down for this fun event. Limited availability to get your tickets in advance at the museum’s front desk. Cost: $10
DO: Wine, Silly

Legally Blonde: A Drinking Game- Pheonix Theater- Nov 4 10:30pm
The Pheonix is back with another amazing Drinking Game event and this time it is featuring a guilty pleasure movie of mine, Legally Blonde. Come enjoy the world of Elle Woods as she makes her way through law school in this hilarious movie reenactment live theater show and drinking game. Cost: $8-$15
DO: Adult, Silly, Booze

Russian 10 Course Dinner – Icehouse- Nov 3, 6pm
The chef form the Minneapolis club is teaming up with the chef from Icehouse for this one night only event which includes a 10 course Russian meal. Space is limited so call for reservations. Add the vodka flight for $15! Cost: $85-$100
DO: Food, Cocktails, Ethnic

Fall Cocoa Rides- Perrenial Cycle- Nov 4, 9-11am
This fallbike ride is perfect for all ages and all abilities. Dress for weather and safety and head out with the group on this 3-5 mile ride with surprise cocoa- sipping destination. Cost: Nothing lited
DO: Active, Family

Story Slam Minneapolis: Family Dinner- Kierans- Nov 7, 8pm
Ever been to a story slam competition befrore? The format is easy- 10 competitors will go head to head on a story- telling competition. Each contestant will have 5 minutes to tell their story. Half can sign up in adance and the remaining contestant wanna-be’s will throw their names in a hat at the event. This evenings’s theme is Family Dinner. Winners advance to semi-finals in Jan. Cost: $8-$10 cover
DO: Fun

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