Hockey Day MN 2017- The Unofficial Guide

Minnesota is the land of hockey so it stands to reason that we would have a day dedicated to it.  For those of you not carting your kiddos to and from their ice time this weekend you have plenty of opportunities to get some good matchups in on TV or better yet, in person. Technicaly the Lowell Park rink is the official Hockey Day MN location and technically Hockey Day is Saturday, but there are plenty of good games all weekend long and at various locations.  High school powerhouse matchups, college, pro and more – everyone plays on Hockey Day.   


Gopher Men’s Team are 7th in the Div 1 standings  with their 13-5-2 record on the season and are playing some decent hockey.  There are good games still yet to be played including their matchup this weekend with the Badgers who are having a strong season this year following a couple of clunkers the previous couple years. UMD Bulldogs Men’s are having a 13-5-4 record on the season and are currently in 4th place for Div 1 dropping a spot and are headed on the road to Grand Forks to take on 8th place North Dakota. While only the Gopher Men’s team is part of Hockey Day MN for collegiate level, both teams are doing well and deserve to be watched.


Gopher Women’s team which have won 180+ games and 4 championship over the last 5 years continue to be a powerhouse even though they are currently ranked all the way down the standings in 4nd place while the UMD Bulldog Women’s team is having a great season and are currently in 2nd place following their sweep of the Gophers last week (first sweep of the Gophers since 2010- a truly Herculean effort).  Regardless of what the standings show, I think we have the two best teams in Women’s hockey in the nation right here in MN.  The Bulldogs are playing the Bemidji Beavers who even though they are only in 6th place have beaten the Gophers  and lost in shootout vs the Bulldogs earlier this season so this matchup cannot be taken lightly.  Women’s hockey has come a long way in a short time and continues to push forward.  Sadly, the women’s division still does not get the press coverage it deserves, but the fans are a loyal bunch for both teams and the Gophers and Bulldogs are worth watching (and then contacting your local sportscasters and asking for more coverage).  


The Wild are having an outstanding season this year.  After a rather benign start, you would have to be living under a rock to not hear about their 12 game winning streak earlier this season and the comeback win over Chicago last weekend has put them in first in the conference and now boast an impressive 28-9-5 (61 points) record.  Strong goal tending, some good blue-line defense and our scorers are finding the goal are making for a very balanced team this year.  There is a lot of season left, but the Wild are well-positioned for a strong playoff run. 


No matter what division you cheer for, or even if you are just playing on the pond or the local park rink, this is the weekend of hockey in MN so it is the perfect time to scream for your favorite team or practice your shot. 


Time Game Location
3pm UMD Women’s vs Bemidji State Bemidji
4pm Stillwater Police vs Fire Lowell Park
6pm MN Whitecaps Women’s Semi-Pro vs Korean National Team Lowell Park
7pm MN Men’s vs WI Madison
7pm MN Women’s vs Ohio Ridder Arena
7:30 PM MN alumni vs WI alumni Lowell Park
7:30 PM UMD Men’s vs North Dakota Grand Forks
8pm MN Wild vs Anaheim Xcel Center
10am Class A Boys: Theif River Falls vs Mahtomedi Lowell Park
1pm Class AA Boys: Eden Prairie vs Stillwater Lowell Park
2pm MN Women’s vs Ohio State Ridder Arena
3pm UMD Women’s vs Bemidji State Bemidji
5pm MN Men’s vs WI Madison
7pm UMD Men’s vs North Dakota Grand Forks
7pm MN Wild vs Nashville Xcel Center
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