Best Wine Options in Minnesota- Part 1

Minnesota has many fantastic wine spots including wine bars, restaurants, vineyards and liquor stores.  Here are some of the best spots in Minnesota in case you need to up your vintage game a bit.  




Terzo- Wine Bar- Minneapolis- Best for Italy

Terzo has by the glass options glass options for $10- $15 and over 300 frequently rotating bottles will keep you coming back so you don’t get bored.  Don’t forget to try the food – this is from the same family that brought us Broders so you know it is good.  It’s just too bad their walkup window doesn’t serve wine to go. 



Sunfish Cellars – Liquor Store- Lillydale-  Best for One Stop 

Sunfish Cellars in Lillydale (yep, it is a real place) is a great combination of liquor store and wine bar.  They sell spirtis and wine, but their main focus is the wine and have a very nice selection and helpful people happy to find you the right bottle.  In addition they offer classes on wine, tastings and have special events like paired dinners which makes them a great one stop for all things wine related. 



Meritage- Restaurant- Downtown, St. Paul – Best for Northern Wineries

St Paul landmark restaurant is a great spot for oysters and has a robust list of wines to choose from.  They focus on Northern Hemisphere vineyards and make sure they compliment the food.  Meritage is a fancy upscale restaurant, but surprisingly, they have a wine to fit every budget which makes them a good spot for splitting an appetizer and having a glass after work with a coworker to unwind from your day, and not just a special occasion spot.  Meritage also offers a semi annual wine school you can attend. 


Troubadour  -Restaurant- Uptown, Minneapolis- Best for Wine Crawl Trio (By the Glass)

Troubadour has over 40  by the glass options and brings in special vintages to feature on a monthly basis so there is always plenty to try.  They also offer some great house wine options and pride themselves on the staff being vinophiles who encourage questions.   Make it a crawl with Lucia and Trapeze.


Lucia’s -Restaurant & Wine Bar- Uptown, Minneapolis- Wine Crawl Trio  (Institution)

Lucia’s has been around for 30 plus year and has become a wine institution in the Twin Cities.  It and has both a restaurant side and a wine bar side to their uptown location and offers a farm to table menu not to mention a lunch to go section.  The mostly French menu changes weekly and they are known for an amazing brunch and award winning food, but also their incredible wine selection which keeps them consistently on any wine list in the Twin Cities.   Make it a wine crawl with Troubadour and Trapeze. 


Trapeze  -Wine Bar- Uptown, Minneapolis- Wine Crawl Trio (Bubbles & New)

Trapeze is a new wine bar opening soon in Uptown.  It is the same owner and chef as Barbette and will be right next door.  Their primary focus is on sparkling wines, champagne, and proseco and the menu of small plates to pair with it, but it is expected to be a great addition to not only the Uptown area, but also the wine scene in the Twin Cities.  Opening summer of 2017.  Make it a wine crawl with Troubadour and Lucia.



Café Latte- Deserts- Grand Ave, St. Paul-  Best for Desert Pairings

Café Latte is known for their amazing cakes, but they are also a wonderful spot for salads, sandwiches, coffee’s, pizza and….. wines.  Their selection is surprisingly good.  This is one of my favorite spots for desert so head to the back room in the evenings and chink cheesecake and Pinot. 


St Genevieve- Restaurant- Lyhurst, Mpls   -Best for Bubbles

This French restaurant on 50th & France has a great menu for lunch, brunch  and is kid- friendly to remind us that the French don’t just have wine for dinner and neither should we.  St. Genevieve has an impressive selection of bubbly so if you enjoy champagne for brunch or are just like my mom who enjoys the bubbles at any time, consider this spot.



Bev’s Wine Bar  -Wine Bar – Warehouse Dist Mpls  -Best for Comfort

Bev’s is a great spot to curl up with your favorite vintage and a friend for a long chat.  It offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the warehouse district and you feel yourself relax when you walk in.  Bev’s wine selection is filled with bottles of your go-to varieties making it easy to choose and saving you more time to catching up with your friends.


Gyst Fermentation Bar- Restaurant- Minneapolis- Best for Most Creative 

Gyst brings in some pretty weird stuff.  The kind of bottles and vintages you have never heard of, but they have yet to let me down.  This is one of my favorite little unusual spots in town.  Their food selection is based on fermentation which makes it unique in a lot of ways but it pairs well with the beer and wine options they have on hand.  They have good sandwiches and charcuterie and cheese boards with rotating suppliers.  Not sure what to get with your Sandor sandwich made of peanut butter and kimchi?  Can’t say I blame you, but they will find you the pairing. 


DO:  Wine





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5 thoughts on “Best Wine Options in Minnesota- Part 1

  1. Wow you guys have a lot of wine bars out there!!! I must come for a visit, I love wine. I admit I would not equate Minnesota with wine but the selection you guys have is impressive. Thanks for sharing the is information if I find myself out that way I will check a few out.

  2. I admit when I think Minnesota I don’t think wine. This is a wonderful and eye opening post. Cheers to the wine lovers of the world!

  3. This is a wonderful compilation and i certainly didnt know there was a wine day. I need to complement your photographs. I loved the reflections and shadows. Also the way you seem to have controlled light in some pics is praiseworthy.

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